Social Service Section

The cost of treatment is always rising. So, it is difficult to afford the treatment for a large fraction of our society. Center believes that all patients should receive same high quality required treatment regardless of their means and background. Center has tried its best to utilize own means as well as co-operate with different non-governmental organizations and individual well wishers to serve the underprivileged. For the same MCVTC has set a active and efficient Social Service Section.

Social Service Section plays its role to facilitate the charity to needy ones. This section also plays a role of liaison between needy patients and the kind donors for the noble cause of saving lives every day. It is responsible for counseling about charity, necessary administrative procedure and keeping an up to date  and transparent records.


Following are the some of the organizations and individual well wishers the center is working together with.

Jayanti Memorial Trust

Nepal Heart Foundation

Mr. Pawan Kumar Ram Bilas Agrawal


Contact for Donation